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Take Note of Your Basic Rights When Arrested

Being arrested is not only a physically stressful experience but has a huge emotional and psychological impact too. Imagine losing your freedom, facing the unknown, and being away from your loved ones in a matter of seconds. It is of utmost importance to know your rights when arrested so that you can remain calm and properly address your situation by getting legal counsel as soon as possible.

Know Your Rights

When detained, the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees that everyone has the following rights.

  • To be informed regarding the reason behind your detention or arrest.
  • To be informed of your right to have access to legal counsel and to contact your lawyer immediately and told that in the event you don’t have a lawyer, you have a right to obtain free legal advice from a Duty Counsel before you make a decision on providing a statement to the police.
  • To be informed that you have the right to remain silent because anything you say can be taken against you by law and in court.
  • To be provided a reasonable opportunity to communicate with your lawyer in private or talk to a Duty Counsel in private.

What to Do in Case of Arrest

Avoid additional charges and problems by cooperating with the arresting officer and not resisting arrest. Make sure that you identify yourself truthfully or remain silent instead of lying. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible and know that you cannot be detained without due reason (which can be sorted out by your lawyer). Understand that the police have a legal obligation to help you contact your lawyer or get you one if reasonable attempts have been made and your chosen lawyer cannot be reached. If you’re under 18 years of age, your guardians will be contacted along with your defence lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer

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