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Why Saying Yes to Providing a Breath Sample Is In Your Best Interest

Providing a breath sample may put you on edge thinking that it can get you in trouble if you’ve had a drink or two. You surely wouldn’t want it to lead to your first DUI charge but at the same time, you want to be cooperative and respectful to the arresting officer. If you’re not sure about whether it will be smarter to provide a breath sample or not, read the 3 reasons why it is actually a good idea to not refuse below!

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Take Note of Your Basic Rights When Arrested

Being arrested is not only a physically stressful experience but has a huge emotional and psychological impact too. Imagine losing your freedom, facing the unknown, and being away from your loved ones in a matter of seconds. It is of utmost importance to know your rights when arrested so that you can remain calm and properly address your situation by getting legal counsel as soon as possible.

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How A DUI Charge Can Affect Your Livelihood and Employment

It is no secret that a DUI charge can affect your life in a number of ways. The more DUI charges someone has, the greater the impact on several aspects of one’s life. While a first offence can just mean a hefty fine and losing one’s license for a period of time, consequent offences can mean a criminal record that can affect one’s entire future including the ability to obtain employment or establish a livelihood.

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