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What is Sexual Assault In Canada?

Sexual assault and other types of assault are technically defined in Section 165 of Canada’s Criminal Code. In the definition stated therein, actual harm is not needed for an assault charge to be filed and lead to a criminal conviction although the action must be deemed grave enough to damage or hurt the dignity of the assaulted person.

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What To Do When You Get a DUI Charge for The First Time

Hiring a DUI lawyer is the first thing that anyone accused of driving under the influence or facing a DUI charge should do.

The above is to ensure that a good defense is established early on more so that territorial, provincial, and federal governments are quite strict and ruthless when it comes to prosecuting DUI cases.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About a Drug Trafficking Charge

A drug trafficking charge is a criminal offence in Toronto that carries grave consequences. A criminal conviction related to trafficking of controlled substances can mean issues with securing employment, traveling, or even qualifying for buying a home later in life. If you’ve been charged with drug trafficking in Toronto, it is of utmost importance that you seek the help of a drug trafficking lawyer as soon as you can.

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Police Mistakes that Can Lead to DUI Acquittal

Do you know that you can get acquitted for a DUI charge if the police made a mistake at any point leading to your arrest? This is why DUI lawyers will ask you to write down every single detail you can think of because even a small mistake can help minimize the consequences of a DUI charge for you (or even get you fully acquitted). Below are the common mistakes that the police can make regarding a DUI charge.

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