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Why Canada Won’t Let In Americans With DUIs

Are you aware that the United States do not let in Canadian citizens who admitted to smoking marijuana although they’ve never had a charge or conviction of controlled substance possession?

The above may seem ridiculous to a lot of people, a sentiment shared by Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale; but is there more to this than meets the eye?

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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in Toronto and the GTA?

Paying a private investigator to follow someone isn’t as simple as handing over some money and getting the information you want. Hiring a private investigator to follow someone should be considered as an investment more so that a lot of factors go into the computation of costs for someone to act as your private eye.

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Can a DUI Stop Me From Crossing the Canadian Border?

Driving under the influence in Canada is a serious matter which is classified as a hybrid offence. This means that someone charged with a DUI in Canada may be convicted of a felony or a minor offence and records will be kept even after a pardon. While this primarily affects Canadians, you may be restricted to travel to Canada if convicted, even if you’re from somewhere else. DUI laws are indeed very strict in Canada because public safety concerns are considered a national priority, hence, impaired drivers are considered a threat and therefore not welcome.

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Got a Domestic Violence Charge? You Need a Lawyer ASAP!

A domestic violence charge is a serious criminal offence that has a devastating effect on the accused, the complainant, and their loved ones. Some people may think that a domestic violence charge can easily go away when the complainant withdraws the charge or when the involved parties make up but that is one of the false assumptions regarding charges of domestic violence.

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