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How A DUI Charge Can Affect Your Livelihood and Employment

It is no secret that a DUI charge can affect your life in a number of ways. The more DUI charges someone has, the greater the impact on several aspects of one’s life. While a first offence can just mean a hefty fine and losing one’s license for a period of time, consequent offences can mean a criminal record that can affect one’s entire future including the ability to obtain employment or establish a livelihood.

Criminal Record for a DUI

Because DUI is a criminal offence in Canada, a conviction will go on one’s criminal record. Once on the criminal record, data can be accessed by future employers as well as possible future business partners. Note that getting pulled over is not the same as a conviction. If you’ve been charged for a DUI, you have to make sure that you hire a drinking and driving lawyer who will defend your case to avoid a conviction. A criminal conviction is treated as a red flag by almost all business entities and employers. Jobs which require driving are especially at risk, such as a private investigator, delivery driver, taxi driver and school bus drivers.

Can a DUI Conviction Ruin Careers and Job Prospects?

Although there is nothing preventing a business from hiring someone with a criminal record, there is still a stigma associated with being an ex-convict no matter what the actual details of the crime are. More so, employers with jobs that require a driving license are within their rights to turn down a job applicant with a DUI conviction. Banks can turn down business loan applications from people who do not meet their criteria too.

Some careers are more affected by a DUI conviction than others. Government, teaching, and banking jobs are typically not for someone with a criminal record. The good news is that it is possible to not have a criminal record due to a drinking and driving charge. An experienced DUI lawyer can negotiate a settlement or mitigate the punishment. If the DUI was charged as a summary conviction thanks to your drinking and driving lawyer, it is possible to lessen the impact on your career and job prospects. If you’re looking to hire a DUI lawyer in Toronto, be sure to contact Calvin Barry. Act fast and call Calvin Barry at your earliest convenience.

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