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Here’s What You Need to Know About a Drug Trafficking Charge

A drug trafficking charge is a criminal offence in Toronto that carries grave consequences. A criminal conviction related to trafficking of controlled substances can mean issues with securing employment, traveling, or even qualifying for buying a home later in life. If you’ve been charged with drug trafficking in Toronto, it is of utmost importance that you seek the help of a drug trafficking lawyer as soon as you can.

What to Expect When Charged with Drug Trafficking

After an arrest for drug trafficking, the person charged will have to show up in court several times prior to attending the trial. Know that immediately after arrest, it is normal to be brought to the police station or be allowed to leave. If you’ve been arrested, you must ask to speak to your lawyer or ask to be connected to a drug trafficking lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will help you with your bail hearing should it be decided that the police wants to hold you in custody until your trial. Your lawyer will also talk to you about release conditions if ever you need to go to a bail trial and will communicate to you the Crown case’s full disclosure as soon as it is available.

Attending Hearings

Several hearings may be scheduled aside from the bail hearing. Know that the preliminary hearing isn’t the same as your trial as its purpose is just to note that there is enough evidence for filing a case against you. Cooperate through all of these hearings because prosecutors tend to be harsher when handling drug-related cases. Your sentencing will depend on many factors, some of which will also depend on the circumstances of your arrest.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Understand that your lawyer’s skill and experience will play a huge role in seeking justice and influencing the outcome of your drug trafficking charge. Contact Calvin Barry if you need a drug trafficking lawyer in Toronto. Calvin Barry has more than 3 decades experience as a criminal lawyer and 2 decades as a Crown prosecutor. Talk to Calvin Barry today!

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