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Got a Domestic Violence Charge? You Need a Lawyer ASAP!

A domestic violence charge is a serious criminal offence that has a devastating effect on the accused, the complainant, and their loved ones. Some people may think that a domestic violence charge can easily go away when the complainant withdraws the charge or when the involved parties make up but that is one of the false assumptions regarding charges of domestic violence.

What is Domestic Violence?

A wide range of offences falls under domestic violence. It can mean the use of threats or force between intimate partners or it can also be the commission or omission of an act towards relatives, children, or partners. In Ontario and the rest of Canada, a domestic violence charge is taken seriously and cannot be easily withdrawn by the complainant. The Crown can continue with the charges in the interest of public safety if there is merit to do so.

Consequences for a Domestic Violence Charge

Whether you may be guilty or not, one of the biggest mistakes when facing a domestic violence charge is to try to represent yourself or just let things take care of themselves. A domestic violence charge requires the experience, expertise, and emotional detachment of a good defence lawyer because it is one of the toughest charges anyone can face with equally profound consequences if found guilty. Note that if you’re found guilty of a domestic violence charge, you can lose your job, lose access to your home, and lose contact with loved ones. Travel may become an issue as well.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Aside from representing you in court, a lawyer can help communicate with the complainant to allow you access to shared assets so that you can find a place for yourself, get your things (which may be at your house that you are not allowed to go to), and get you bail if you’re the accused.  If you’re the complainant and wish to withdraw your complaint, a lawyer like Calvin Barry can help too.

Remember, one small mistake in handling a charge of domestic violence can cause life-long consequences that you may regret later. Contact Calvin Barry as soon as possible if you need help building your defence or want to get your life back on track. Calvin Barry Law has been handling domestic violence charges in Ontario for years.

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