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Can a DUI Stop Me From Crossing the Canadian Border?

Driving under the influence in Canada is a serious matter which is classified as a hybrid offence. This means that someone charged with a DUI in Canada may be convicted of a felony or a minor offence and records will be kept even after a pardon. While this primarily affects Canadians, you may be restricted to travel to Canada if convicted, even if you’re from somewhere else. DUI laws are indeed very strict in Canada because public safety concerns are considered a national priority, hence, impaired drivers are considered a threat and therefore not welcome.

Driving from the US to Canada

People often drive from Michigan to Canada for a day trip. This is usually a hitch-free undertaking for people with a clean record; however, for those who’ve been convicted of a DUI (an indictable offence), they may be denied entry to Canada in the interest of public safety. The good news is that this isn’t for life.

Those with multiple convictions of DUI in Michigan are eligible to apply for a rehabilitated status after 10 years so that they may visit Canada again. Those who’ve been convicted once may apply for the rehabilitation status after 5 years. Fines are to be paid as well and they range from $200 to $1,000. Generally speaking, waiting an additional half year after the 5-year to 10-year period may increase the possibility of success

Driving Under the Influence

Anyone driving or operating a vehicle, vessel, an aircraft, or railway equipment in Canada while drunk will be arrested when caught. This is clearly stated in section 253 of the Criminal Code of Canada which says that a blood alcohol level of over 80 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood means that a person is not fit to drive or operate because of risk of accidents. People caught doing so may get a summary conviction which means a fine of $5,000 or more and a 6-month minimum jail term.

The truth is, trying to visit Canada after a DUI conviction is possible but only after going through a very complicated process. You’ll need the help of a DUI lawyer with a solid record as a good defence lawyer to champion for you and find ways to help you travel to Canada the soonest time possible. Calvin Barry can help. Contact DUI lawyer Calvin Barry today!

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