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Calvin Barry Asks for 60 Day Jail Sentence for Driver of Deadly Hit and Run Incident

Calvin Barry speaks outside 361 University Court alongside his client Miguel Oliviera who was accused of leaving the scene of an accident that caused the death of a Toronto cyclist.

His lawyer, Calvin Barry, is asking for a 60-day jail sentence, to be served on weekends, and a one-year driving prohibition. Crown attorney Helen Song wants 12 to 18 months in jail and a five-year ban on driving.

Superior Court Justice Faye McWatt will deliver her ruling on Jan. 12.

Oliveira was driving westbound on Davenport Rd., facing a green light at Lansdowne Ave., when he collided with Samson at approximately 6:43 a.m., according to an agreed statement of facts.

Gallant, Jacques (2015, Dec 21) Parents, widow describe anguish over death of cyclist Tom Samson, The Toronto Star. Retrieved from

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Toronto Defense Lawyers Comment on a Strong Week for Jian Ghomeshi

Calvin Barry was asked his opinion on the first week of the Jian Ghomeshi trial.

Looking back at the first week, how has the Crown been doing?

“Right now you don’t really see the formidable cross-examining skills of the seasoned Crown . . . he’s no pushover, he knows his stuff.”

How about the defence?

“I don’t think she’s being unfair. She’s being balanced and in a case like this you don’t want to come out of the starting gate over the top because the judge could almost draw inference that these people are being re-traumatized.”

Do you think Jian Ghomeshi will testify?

“I think he will testify because he has allegations to . . . the case is far from over, the defence is having their opportunity to score points, but the Crown will soon have theirs if and when Ghomeshi decides to testify.”

Taekema, Dan (2016, Feb 5) Local defence lawyers see strong week for Jian Ghomeshi, The Toronto Star. Retrieved from

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Former OPSEU Spokmesman See’s Charges Dropped

Calvin comments on his clients 1 year peace bond in exchange for 12 sexual assualt charges being dropped against him.

Ford’s lawyer Calvin Barry said in court that his client disputes those allegations but will consent to the peace bond.

“It is not an admission of guilt in any way, shape or form,” Barry told the court, adding that if the case had gone to trial his client would have pleaded not guilty.

Barry said Ford agreed to the peace bond to put an end to the proceedings so he could move on with his life.

Hasham, Alyshah (2016, Sept 27) Sex assault charges against former OPSEU spokesman dropped, The Toronto Star. Retrieved from

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Woman who gave butt injections with caulking gun ‘remorseful,’ lawyer says

Calvin calling the case ‘unique’ called for a sentence of roughly 2.5 years.

“In her mind, she wasn’t going to hurt anyone. She wanted to make people happy,” Barry said.

“Time served is more than adequate. She’s broken. Her life is ruined.”

Perkel, Colin (2015, Feb 27) Woman who gave butt injections with caulking gun ‘remorseful,’ lawyer says, The Canadian Press. Retrieved from

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