Toronto Defense Lawyers Comment on a Strong Week for Jian Ghomeshi

Calvin Barry was asked his opinion on the first week of the Jian Ghomeshi trial.

Looking back at the first week, how has the Crown been doing?

“Right now you don’t really see the formidable cross-examining skills of the seasoned Crown . . . he’s no pushover, he knows his stuff.”

How about the defence?

“I don’t think she’s being unfair. She’s being balanced and in a case like this you don’t want to come out of the starting gate over the top because the judge could almost draw inference that these people are being re-traumatized.”

Do you think Jian Ghomeshi will testify?

“I think he will testify because he has allegations to . . . the case is far from over, the defence is having their opportunity to score points, but the Crown will soon have theirs if and when Ghomeshi decides to testify.”

Taekema, Dan (2016, Feb 5) Local defence lawyers see strong week for Jian Ghomeshi, The Toronto Star. Retrieved from

Read the full Toronto Star article here.

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